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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Become 10 sheet

Sukri is Indonesian guy working in Singapore for about 2 years as Technician at one of Singapore Manufacture. One day Sukri on the holiday weekend walking around the complex of the apartment. Suddenly he saw something under the tree at the park. And he found one wallet. 
Sukri is a very good man. He never think to have yhe wallet for himself. And decide to return to the owner. 
He found ID card of the owner. The owner name is Venu an Indian people. 
After he found the owner:
Sukri:"Sir..I would like to give you your wallet..!"
Venu:"Owh man..thanks a lot. Where you find this?"
Sukri:"Under the tree at the park at Tampines road.."
Venu:"I lost my wallet this morning..thanks again" Venu checked his wallet and he found something stranged.
Venu:"Nothing lost. My money still inside and no lost. Card ok. Everithing ok. But I remember my money was 100 SGD only one sheet. But now 10 SGD 10 sheet. Do you know?"Venu asked Sukri
Sukri:" I changed you money at the store with 10 sheet of 10 SGD instead of 1 sheet 100 SGD"
Sukri:"Last month I found a wallet. And there is also money inside 100 SGD one sheet. And I return the wallet to the owner. But he never gave me TIPS. Reason was that he didn't have small money and only thanks me.."