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Monday, February 20, 2017


Ojek is one of transpotation in Indonesia use motorbike. Ussualy this transport in village area that big transportasion could not reach.
One day at the Ojek station, an old lady from village asked for ojek of one driver. She want to go to one place at the area.
Old lady : " Cuu... (mean grand son..). Can you take me to mini market at the other corner near to the schooling area??"
Ojek driver:" No problem Nii..(means grandma..). Please sit. And make sure you hold tight..Ok!?I don't want you dropped..!!"
An old lady: "No problem.."
Ojek driver : "Have you hold something??"
An old lady:" yes sure I do..I hold very strong..don't worry!!"
Then the ojek driver start to move the motorbike. Then ...wuuttt...brakkhhh
The ojek driver stopped his motorbike and see behind. And an old lady lay on the street with hurting face.
The ojek driver asked:" Nii..are yiu sure to hold tight???"
An old lady:"Yes very sure..!!" 
The ojek driver asked again:" What did you hold?"
An old lady pointing :" That tree..!!!!"

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